Example of a Containerfile

FROM registry.fedoraproject.org/fedora:37

ENV NAME=fedora-toolbox VERSION=37
LABEL com.github.containers.toolbox="true" \
      com.redhat.component="$NAME" \
      name="$NAME" \
      version="$VERSION" \
      usage="This image is meant to be used with the toolbox command" \
      summary="Base image for creating Fedora toolbox containers" \
      maintainer="Debarshi Ray <rishi@fedoraproject.org>"


RUN sed -i '/tsflags=nodocs/d' /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
RUN dnf -y swap coreutils-single coreutils-full

COPY missing-docs /
RUN dnf -y reinstall $(<missing-docs)
RUN rm /missing-docs

COPY extra-packages /
RUN dnf -y install $(<extra-packages)
RUN rm /extra-packages

RUN dnf clean all